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It is kind of pointless to train without getting some kind of feedback what went wrong...

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Hi Bouke,

you make an excellent point. However, part of the trick is that you have to learn how to create your own test data.

Which specific tasks do you currently have issues with? Have you tried to find border cases yourself? You could start a discussion on the border cases!

Well it's not the I don't know if it fails on border cases, it's for example this exercise: it's incredibly vague and the example test data doesn't help at all, it says that there can be multiple sets but the example only shows one...

Isn't the shortest sequence with the maximum just the first sum but without the zeroes?

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It looks like it is not possible:

Wrong Answer (WA): Correct solution not reached for the inputs. The
inputs and outputs that we use to test the programs are not public so
you'll have to spot the bug by yourself (it is recomendable to get
accustomed to a true contest dynamic ).

But according to this link there is some feedback, but they won't provide as much information as the USACO training.